@jmayuga let’s go! Lol

17 and 9 years ago today, I was blessed with 2 very unique and wonderful individuals in my life: my brother Alex and baby brother Davon! I kid you not, both of their birthdays fall on the same day lol So! I would like to give the first s/o to my brother Alex!

@_dangarang_ We’ve both come along way together the last couple of months and honestly he has become one of my best friends and closest confidant. We have shared a lot of memories and experiences in tough times but we prevailed. I wish I could be there with you to celebrate this memorable day (Sorry 😣). This guy possesses so many creative assets, and has unlimited possibilities to what he could and will achieve in his life. I just want to let you know that I’m proud of you and I’ll do anything for you. Know that bro!

@Davon 9 years ago when I first held him in my arms I knew we had this special bond. He’s grown into one of the coolest and amazing baby brother any one could ask for. I’m happy that I’ve had the privilege of taking care of him as a child and being apart of his life over all those years. It’s crazy to see how fast they grow lol (I don’t have a video of just Davon 😐)

Anyways, both of them are very important people in my life and just wanted to take a minute out of today to give them a special shout out! So… I’m screamin happy birthday and I wish both of you the best things in life! 👬🎉🎊🎈

Oh & also happy birthday to @ohhmai @therealrex & Nate! Lol mad bdays today smh wish y’all a great day! 🙌👏👏🆒💯🔱

17 and 9 years ago, 2 very unique and wonderful souls arrived into this world: my little brothers Alex and Davon! I kid you not, we’ve all come a long way together and I feel really fortunate to have them as my brother!

Thank you to everyone that attended this past weekend! & taking the time out of their busy schedule to come show some love. ❤️ You guys made my 25th so memorable! 🎈🎊🎉

Also, I want to give a big s/o to @AmazingOn2 for throwing such an awesome event! She probably annoyed everyone to come early and dressed lolll 😅 She put a lot of effort into making it special- and it was. Thanks bae! 😘👏👏

Ps. I have awesome fwends!! #Casino #GreatGatsby #LosAngeles #Loft #Friends #Family #Love (at Downtown Los Angeles)